Brian Hedberg, Principal, answers the top three questions about our "I Just Need a Simple Will" workshops on a local interview series. 

"I Just Need a Simple Will" Workshops 

Join Pippenger Hedberg at an upcoming "I Just Need a Simple Will" workshop. In the span of one workshop, an attorney from our firm will answer your legal questions and guide you through the process of completing your estate plan. 

The "I Just Need a Simple Will" workshops are a great low cost option for married couples ($315) or individuals ($195) with fairly straightforward estates. Each individual who attends the workshop will have the opportunity to leave with the following documents:

  1. Last Will and Testament (a "Will")

  2. Nomination of Guardian for Children Under 18 (for the care of your children, if applicable)

  3. Financial Power of Attorney

  4. Medical Power of Attorney

  5. Living Will

We provide the notary and witnesses, so when you walk out the door your estate plan is fully executed and legally binding. 

Register to join us at one of these events!

Please note the "I Just Need a Simple Will" workshops are a great option for individuals or married couples with fairly basic estates. They are not suited for couples or individuals with more complex estate plans. Please review our Workshop Eligibility Form to ensure this is a good fit for you prior to registering.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is a workshop? Workshops generally last three hours, though some individuals may finish in a shorter time. If you are attending a workshop that begins at 10:00 am, you may want to bring a lunch or snack. (Though we will be sure to have some tasty treats on hand for you as well!)

  2. How do I know if my estate is "simple" enough? The two most common issues arising are: 1.) parties with more than $4,000,000 in assets (not counting term life insurance); and 2.) couples that have previously been married, and want to ensure their children from the prior marriage are protected if they pass first. Neither of these issues are appropriate for this workshop. Generally speaking, however, if these two issues do not apply to you this workshop is probably a good fit. For a complete list of factors, please review our Workshop Eligibility Form. 

  3. I'm married - does my spouse need to attend? Yes, both spouses must be present to execute your estate plan. Please only register for a workshop if you are sure both you and your spouse can be there.

  4. Will my estate plan avoid probate? All wills in Colorado go through the probate system. Fortunately, Colorado has a fairly straightforward probate system which is not as burdensome as many other states.

  5. I signed up for a workshop and now I need to cancel - can I get my money back? Certainly, though we kindly request at least 48 hours of advanced notice to allow others to register in your place. Please contact with any cancellation requests.

  6. Is there anything I need to bring with me? Very little! After you register, we will send you a short estate planning form with points to consider and a brief amount of information to collect in advance. Please bring your completed form and a valid driver's license or state ID. All other materials will be provided for you at the workshop.

  7. Is there anything else I should know before I register? Not much, though you must be a resident of Colorado, able to read and write English, and healthy enough to fill out the necessary paper work.